Saturday, August 7, 2010


It is time to watch, detective conan! I will be watching episodes 104-108 only. I am still waiting for daddy so we can watch it together so just wanna share this little poem of mine, for the mean time. I made this when I was in high school, yeah it was a little corny I know..but just wanna share. Haha!

My inspiration was the 'Sea', but it is a love poem. I can't remember if I created this poem particularly for someone I know. Haha..So ironic cuz the poem says something about 'you will always be in my heart'.

Oops, daddy is here. Nweis, here it goes.....^_^

It was the deep blue sea
that keeps on reminding me
That somewhere down the midst of thorns
the way to vanity
You hold my hand and cried
to get me out and set me free

I thank God, the one Above
for crossing our different paths
From then on I never thought
that we will be apart
I just want you to remember
that somewhere and somehow
You will always be where you belong
-you'll always be in my heart

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