Tuesday, August 24, 2010


1. I feel sad when either Sunburst, Mizpah or Daddy is sick.
2. I feel sad when I'm feeling sick.
3. I feel sad after watching a very sad anime movie or episode.
4. I feel sad when hearing an old, memorable song...
5. I feel sad when I am so thirsty and there is no cold water, and then daddy wont buy buy me coke sakto.
6. I feel sad when daddy wont hug me for one day or when he scolds at me.
7. I feel sad when I don't get to see Mizi or Baba for a day.
8. I feel sad when I want to really, really eat something and I don't get to eat it.
9. I feel sad when I loose something which I know it can never be replaced.
10. I feel sad when I know I've done something wrong.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


It is time to watch, detective conan! I will be watching episodes 104-108 only. I am still waiting for daddy so we can watch it together so just wanna share this little poem of mine, for the mean time. I made this when I was in high school, yeah it was a little corny I know..but just wanna share. Haha!

My inspiration was the 'Sea', but it is a love poem. I can't remember if I created this poem particularly for someone I know. Haha..So ironic cuz the poem says something about 'you will always be in my heart'.

Oops, daddy is here. Nweis, here it goes.....^_^

It was the deep blue sea
that keeps on reminding me
That somewhere down the midst of thorns
the way to vanity
You hold my hand and cried
to get me out and set me free

I thank God, the one Above
for crossing our different paths
From then on I never thought
that we will be apart
I just want you to remember
that somewhere and somehow
You will always be where you belong
-you'll always be in my heart

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daddy Pakz

Before I watch Detective Conan, just wanna share this picture of me and my hubby. This was taken on May 1, 2010 which was Mizi's 4th birthday party.

The two kids did really enjoy the water though both of them catch cold that day..:( I think I was the only one who did not enjoy swimming cuz I was so busy taking pictures. lol ^_^


Well, daddy seemed to have enjoyed the day though he is hydrophobic..Well, both of us are not good swimmers and we will both die when the boat sinks..haha.

Daddy is also claustrophobic. It just suits his personality though..He is the type of guy who would like to enjoy his freedom so much and the more tightly you wrap him around you, the more he becomes detach. You need to let him do what he wants or he will do it in secret..^_^ . After he wanders around, like a cat he comes back home curling himself around your arms..

Daddy never fails to make me smile. I always call him gay, that's because he makes me feel happy whenever he is around. His presence makes me feel secure...well,  because he is good in killing cockroaches..haha,                      

Well, kidding aside, daddy is the most dangerous man and the biggest threat for me. That is because he is the only one capable of shattering my heart into pieces .. Even before we were less than lovers, he has been more than a friend to me. He is my best friend and my worst enemy, and I am his biggest fan..

  Oops, I think I can watch Kudo-kun now, The next episode is all about Phantom Thief 1412- Kaito Kid..I so love this..it's the first time Conan will meet Kid. I may say, this phantom thief has already stolen my heart..this is so exciting!!Here I go Episode 78 and 79, Part 1 and 2..!:) :) :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

mizpaH rE!

feb 7, 2010 Trinoma

If there is one person with the most difficult questions, well that would be my 4-year old daughter Mizi..^_^ You sure will run out of answers. Make sure that once you have answered her questions, you have your back up answers. Well, to be honest her questions are just simple, they just begin with the word 'WHY?'

Mizi the little Einstein

Mizpah, unlike Sunbie, loves watching tv ever since she was small. Maybe around 4 or 5 months she already know how to focus on the small box of moving pictures. You can just leave her on her crib all day and she will watch her favorite dvd over and over again. She learned the English alphabet when she was 1 year old and we were amazed that she already know how to operate the DVD player at that age.

Wanna know her favorite commercials on TV? Easy.. Shampoo and Conditioner Ads are her favorites. Mizi loves to be a model. Maybe, a commercial model, I don't know yet. She will go to the closet, pick up her dress and will create her own fashion styles. It was so hot in the middle of the day but she prefers wearing a lot of dress or skirts on top of the other. She would even wear my make up and she prefers to do it herself.

Mizi is also a shoe-lover. I remembered when she was around 5 or 6 months we saw her studying her shoes closely from top to bottom, from side to side -- maybe wondering how the shoes were made. Every time we go to malls, she knows which shoes are authentic and she knows which are fake. She would point out the most expensive shoes and she would use all her sales talk abilities (which she got from her dad) to convince us to buy what she wanted. She prefers not to have the shoes if it's not the expensive one! (yah, I know what you are thinking..what a brat girl huh? Well, if you knew her father when he was young, you would understand why she acts that way..haha ^_^)

Mizi is also the greatest story teller. Well, as we all know a child has the wildest imagination and the weirdest imaginary friend. (Please meet JoshMary--yah, that is/are mizi's imaginary friend/s) Mizi seems to be shy at first, but after a few hours you will wish she will stop talking...

But don't worry you will not regret it if she starts singing..She's the best singer in town though her lyrics are mostly made-ups (she got that from her dad as well) but her pitch is perfect. She loves to sing while her dad play the guitar. It is Sunburst who do the dancing and as for me- well I'm just their biggest fan ^_^ .

My day is not just the same without hearing her voice. Yeah, she may be a spoiled brat (thanks to her lolo and lola) but she is my protector. She is like my little soldier- the one who always take my side, the one who cried when I cried and the one who placed the smile back to my face. Ate Metzpah and Baburst are my little angels..

Well, got more things to say, maybe next time I'll tell you about hubby. But for now..time to watch Detective Conan..Episode 76, here I come...!!