Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hiking Adventure at Gintung Pakpak

Hiking is the nature adventure that we chose to do when we went to Gintung Pakpak EcoPark in Arayat. We paid 300 pesos for the nature trip which includes the tour guide fee and free drink at the end of the activity. 
A Hundred Steps

These are the stone tables and chairs found beside the Pipagtampisan (Swimming Pool) and Dinalan A Takbang (A Hundred Steps) the path to be taken for the hiking adventure. I tried to count the steps but lost my track afterwards so I wasn't able to confirm if the steps really count to 100 (lol!).

Some of the tracks are steep and some are just flat. There were muddy and slippery paths as expected and we found a very old and rough rope near a very sharp slope so we had no choice but to hold onto it.

This mini waterfall was our destination. We were all pleased with the three kids because they were able to surpass the tracks without crying or complaining. I bet they have more energy than the grown-ups though. (LOL)

The water is muddy and foamy so there was no chance of taking a swim. There were a few trash such as plastics from left-over foods at the waterfall site which I believe was left by the tourists who went there prior to us. Nonetheless, the real rewarding part was the journey that we have to go through just to reach this place.

I was happy to see Makahiya plants along the way because they reminded me of my childhood. I remember those plants were abundant in Pampanga when I was still young. Some amorseco seeds got stuck on our clothes as well, but brought nostalgia to me. Indeed this nature trip had brought back memories when I was a child, when the town was still full of wild grasses and different trees.
Nice view along the way to the waterfall
Time to go
Tired but happy!

Location:  Purok 6, Barangay Baliti, Arayat Pampanga.

Entrance Fee:
PHP300- with free choice of either swimming, boating, hiking or fishing
PHP150 to encounter another nature activity

Villas- PHP4950++
Deluxe Villas (8pax)- PHP6050++
          - for 8 pax
          - free use of swimming pool
          - choice of bale tuku, tugak, tagak, barag or sawa
Dormitory Type-PHP550++
Contact#: 0915 237 5915

Friday, January 2, 2015

Mount Arayat's Gintung PakPak

Just right before 2014 ended, my cousin Gee invited us to go to a park so we figured we should go with the kids.  The park where we went to is a hidden paradise found at the foot of Mt. Arayat and is known as Gintung Pakpak (Golden Wings) Eco Park.

At the entrance of the Eco park you will see a huge stone where you will be able to read the history of the park. This is what's engraved on the stone:

The Gintung Pakpak was conceived on the plateaus of Guimaras in 1971 when I stayed with the trappist monks in silent recluse in 1975, a 30 years hard work of clearing, planting, brushing, digging of ponds and tedious maintenance resulted into what you see now as an earthly paradise. Then in 2005, a joint venture with a long time friend Willy Martinez enabled the erection of the structures of the retreat house. Altogether, the Gintung Pakpak represent the fulfillment of the golden message spoken by no less than our Lord Jesus in his prayer, "Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven." - Lito Gomez

This is the parking space allotted for the guests since vehicles are not allowed to enter the park.

And of course, the view is amazing and very relaxing. 

My kids and their cousin enjoying their freedom from the city!

There is also an Archery Club found just outside the park.

According to the legend, due to the battle between the sun and moon, Mt. Zambales became a mountain range and Mt. Arayat's top became flat. This is the war between Apung Sinukuan known as the sun king of war and death in Arayat (Alaya) and Apung Malyari of Mt. Zambales ( Pinatubo) who represents the moon.

Mt. Arayat

The phrase "Salangi Ko Pu" is found at the gate of the ecopark usually used by Kapampangans which means please come this way or visit us here where you can find an image of a bird/rooster, gecko and the sun and moon.

Here are some of the breathtaking view inside the park. 

Man-made lake

The cute bonsai trees are just a bit bigger than the children.

One of the ponds
               The water from this pool is fresh from the mountain filtered by the old tree roots of Arayat. 

We were very entertained by this adorable parrot who can whistle and can only say hello.

These are the signage for the restrooms for Female and Male.

Beautiful for Female

Location:  Purok 6, Barangay Baliti, Arayat Pampanga.

Entrance Fee:
PHP300- with free choice of either swimming, boating, hiking or fishing
PHP150 to encounter another nature activity

Contact#: 0915 237 5915

Monday, September 8, 2014

My First Dream Board

Some people have dreams, some people don't. Some can't seem to figure out how to achieve their ambition. And for those who are not quite sure what their goals are, read on.

I started to realize that in order to achieve my aspirations, I have to be clear on what my dreams are. My dreams are huge and small, easy and complicated, precise and vague, attainable and impossible. The problem is: how to achieve them. The solution is: to make a dream board!

What?!! A dream board? Are you kidding me? Nah, I am too lazy for that! Yes, this was my first reaction.

But what is a dream board anyway?

Some people call it vision board, goal board or treasure map. It is basically a collage of dreams, put together to REMIND, INSPIRE and make you TAKE ACTION to ACHIEVE your goals. These could be pictures, images, affirmations or positive quotes taken from magazines and online. It can also consists of photographs, drawings or own writings.

If I remember it correctly, it was 2 years ago when my mom told me to create my first ever vision or dream board. She gave me this huge painting at home and she told me to cut pictures of things that I want to achieve in my life and paste them on the board.

So I browse through all our magazines at home and I just basically cut the good stuffs that I saw and without thinking I placed them on the board. And just like that, my project was done! I hang the collage on the wall of my bedroom. There were times before I go to sleep that I would look at the board and stare at the cut out pictures of my supposedly dream. But there were more nights where the board was just totally ignored.

My dream board is a compilation of cars, gadgets, money, house, travel around the world and lots of food. ^-^ I was unemployed during those times and I suddenly got a nice job after a few months. I went to the city with my husband and left my dream board at our house in the province.

I had been employed for 3 years when my husband and I decided to resign and went back home. I saw my dream board again and it felt good to know that I was able to attain some of the things that was posted there. But then again, I realized that there are things that anyone without a dream board can easily achieve.

I still don't have a sophisticated house though nor a luxurious car and I still haven't travel around the world. Money came and left my hands easily too. And just like that, the magic of my dream board still hangs on the wall.


I believe that everyone in their deepest heart have dreams. But sometimes, these visions are just in the head that the mind tend to forget them. Like the clouds that just float above the ocean, the horizon seems to keep them faraway. And when money comes in too overwhelming, dreams become just a memory.

It could be that I don't have the courage yet to start reaching for my ambitions. My desire and determination may not be that strong yet for me to realize that it is time to take action. Well I guess I will still keep my dream board to remind me to stay focus, inspire me to achieve them one step at a time and take action until I fulfill the last one.

So have you started your own dream board? Don't take your dreams for granted. Don't just put them aside. I suggest you start NOW!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Amethyst Ablaze

My first ever purple lipstick and hope would not be the last! I bought this at Robinson's Galeria Department Store after a short visit at Gold's gym. This is the Maybelline Color Sensational Jewels Lip Color - 591 Amethyst Ablaze with SPF 15 for sun protection. Check it out!


Amethyst Blaze has a Mauvish Purple shade and it was said to be made especially for Indians. But of course, anyone who loves dark shades can wear it as long as you are confident enough to do so. I say it would take a lot of guts to wear this dark shade on your lips!

The packaging!

I love it's pink plastic bullet cap which has a prismatic effect and of course what's inside it - the dark shade of violet! It is creamy and a bit glossy on the lips and can stay for almost 4 hours, and still looks purplish once it has faded.  It has a spiral shiny surface with the usual silver holder which looks really gorgeous. 

According to the product, the illuminated color came only from deep jewelucent pigments and it has a creamier feel only from nourishing honey nectar. They also has a captivating jewel collection in 8 deeply provocative shades which you may also wanted to check out!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lucky Meylin Food Ventures

Lucky Meylin Food Ventures
4th Floor Atrium, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong, PI

Daddy and I work in the city while our kids stay at home in the province with their Mama Lola (Grandma). We only have a chance to see them every weekend since that was our day off. So we make sure to spend quality time with them by hanging or eating out. 

Pakz heard this cool place which serves tasty seafood canton. Since the kids love seafood and noodles, we decided to check it out.

Meylin is a Filipino-Chinese restaurant which is famous for their hand-pulled noodles. Now that's something interesting!

The first thing that you will notice once you enter the place is the little teapot on the table. They serve free hot tea, which is sweet and mild to my taste. The place is cozy and the staffs are friendly.

So we ordered the famous Seafood Canton which was served in a big plate. It was seasoned with veggies, shrimp, tulya (clam), squidballs and crabsticks. Really savory!

seafood canton @ 190 php

This 3-cups squid has a distinctive taste, served with a slightly thick sauce. It was very nice and well-seasoned.

3 cups Squid  @240 php

Halaan (Clam) Soup  is one of their best sellers. For all seafood lovers, you wouldn't want to miss this dish. It has a sweet and mild taste. It looks simple but of course, it's healthy! Sunburst, who was a picky eater indulged on this soup and ate almost all the clams.
Halaan Soup @ 70php

The satisfied picky eater!
Sunburst and Pakz

Homemade Spicy Penne Pasta in Fresh Tomato Sauce

I was in my elementary years when I first learned how to cook spaghetti in red sauce. And my dull memory tells me that the pasta was a disaster! It was a school project and I cooked it with my classmates. Since it's really a shame for a mom to be ignorant in cooking, well i tried a little experiment on my own. Hubby only eats spicy pasta, and I know I love pasta when I was in college. But I wanna try something healthy without compromising the taste. So I came up with these ingredients:

Penne Rigate, whole wheat
Fresh Tomatoes
Tomato Paste
Olive Oil
Pepper, Salt and Dry Basil
Ground Red Pepper

First cook the Penne in a large pot filled with water. Add salt to make it taste better. Stir and stir to prevent the pasta from sticking together. Cook until al dente.

For the sauce, cook the shrimp first for around 3 minutes or until it turns pink. Set aside.
Saute a lot of garlic, basil and pepper in olive oil. 
Add tomato sauce and tomato paste,and wait till the sauce is slightly thick. 
Put a lot of red pepper for a more spicy taste! :)
Add the shrimp, some basil and simmer for a few more minutes till all the flavors blend well.

Sauce- the end result

 And the end result is not bad for a first-timer! Well at least my husband said it was simply delicious.

Penne Pasta in Fresh Tomato Sauce