Tuesday, August 24, 2010


1. I feel sad when either Sunburst, Mizpah or Daddy is sick.
2. I feel sad when I'm feeling sick.
3. I feel sad after watching a very sad anime movie or episode.
4. I feel sad when hearing an old, memorable song...
5. I feel sad when I am so thirsty and there is no cold water, and then daddy wont buy buy me coke sakto.
6. I feel sad when daddy wont hug me for one day or when he scolds at me.
7. I feel sad when I don't get to see Mizi or Baba for a day.
8. I feel sad when I want to really, really eat something and I don't get to eat it.
9. I feel sad when I loose something which I know it can never be replaced.
10. I feel sad when I know I've done something wrong.

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