Monday, September 8, 2014

My First Dream Board

Some people have dreams, some people don't. Some can't seem to figure out how to achieve their ambition. And for those who are not quite sure what their goals are, read on.

I started to realize that in order to achieve my aspirations, I have to be clear on what my dreams are. My dreams are huge and small, easy and complicated, precise and vague, attainable and impossible. The problem is: how to achieve them. The solution is: to make a dream board!

What?!! A dream board? Are you kidding me? Nah, I am too lazy for that! Yes, this was my first reaction.

But what is a dream board anyway?

Some people call it vision board, goal board or treasure map. It is basically a collage of dreams, put together to REMIND, INSPIRE and make you TAKE ACTION to ACHIEVE your goals. These could be pictures, images, affirmations or positive quotes taken from magazines and online. It can also consists of photographs, drawings or own writings.

If I remember it correctly, it was 2 years ago when my mom told me to create my first ever vision or dream board. She gave me this huge painting at home and she told me to cut pictures of things that I want to achieve in my life and paste them on the board.

So I browse through all our magazines at home and I just basically cut the good stuffs that I saw and without thinking I placed them on the board. And just like that, my project was done! I hang the collage on the wall of my bedroom. There were times before I go to sleep that I would look at the board and stare at the cut out pictures of my supposedly dream. But there were more nights where the board was just totally ignored.

My dream board is a compilation of cars, gadgets, money, house, travel around the world and lots of food. ^-^ I was unemployed during those times and I suddenly got a nice job after a few months. I went to the city with my husband and left my dream board at our house in the province.

I had been employed for 3 years when my husband and I decided to resign and went back home. I saw my dream board again and it felt good to know that I was able to attain some of the things that was posted there. But then again, I realized that there are things that anyone without a dream board can easily achieve.

I still don't have a sophisticated house though nor a luxurious car and I still haven't travel around the world. Money came and left my hands easily too. And just like that, the magic of my dream board still hangs on the wall.


I believe that everyone in their deepest heart have dreams. But sometimes, these visions are just in the head that the mind tend to forget them. Like the clouds that just float above the ocean, the horizon seems to keep them faraway. And when money comes in too overwhelming, dreams become just a memory.

It could be that I don't have the courage yet to start reaching for my ambitions. My desire and determination may not be that strong yet for me to realize that it is time to take action. Well I guess I will still keep my dream board to remind me to stay focus, inspire me to achieve them one step at a time and take action until I fulfill the last one.

So have you started your own dream board? Don't take your dreams for granted. Don't just put them aside. I suggest you start NOW!