Thursday, November 22, 2012

Okonomiyaki and Ramen Cravings Satisfied @ Jipan Bakeshop

I was really pleased with this okonomiyaki that I and my husband discovered at Jipan Bakeshop, Glorietta 4, Ayala, Makati City. This delightful dish cost around 300 php (sorry I forgot the exact amount) but is already good for 2-3 persons. 
This exquisite food is the Japanese version of pizza or pancake. It's main ingredients are flour, egg, cabbage, meat and/or seafood topped with fish flakes and dried seaweeds (aonori). I really loved the squid that was added to this okonomiyaki!

Of course the day would not be complete without a Shoyu Ramen on the table! This one costs 200+ and I say again it's really worth it. We definitely love the pork, veggies, seaweeds and of course the narutomaki!

Shoyu Ramen

Daddy Pakz

What can you say?

I really recommend this shop for Japanese cuisine lovers and I would surely go back here to try their other dishes! Just an awesome place to have a date!