Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daddy Pakz

Before I watch Detective Conan, just wanna share this picture of me and my hubby. This was taken on May 1, 2010 which was Mizi's 4th birthday party.

The two kids did really enjoy the water though both of them catch cold that day..:( I think I was the only one who did not enjoy swimming cuz I was so busy taking pictures. lol ^_^


Well, daddy seemed to have enjoyed the day though he is hydrophobic..Well, both of us are not good swimmers and we will both die when the boat sinks..haha.

Daddy is also claustrophobic. It just suits his personality though..He is the type of guy who would like to enjoy his freedom so much and the more tightly you wrap him around you, the more he becomes detach. You need to let him do what he wants or he will do it in secret..^_^ . After he wanders around, like a cat he comes back home curling himself around your arms..

Daddy never fails to make me smile. I always call him gay, that's because he makes me feel happy whenever he is around. His presence makes me feel secure...well,  because he is good in killing cockroaches..haha,                      

Well, kidding aside, daddy is the most dangerous man and the biggest threat for me. That is because he is the only one capable of shattering my heart into pieces .. Even before we were less than lovers, he has been more than a friend to me. He is my best friend and my worst enemy, and I am his biggest fan..

  Oops, I think I can watch Kudo-kun now, The next episode is all about Phantom Thief 1412- Kaito Kid..I so love this..it's the first time Conan will meet Kid. I may say, this phantom thief has already stolen my heart..this is so exciting!!Here I go Episode 78 and 79, Part 1 and 2..!:) :) :)

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