Friday, January 2, 2015

Mount Arayat's Gintung PakPak

Just right before 2014 ended, my cousin Gee invited us to go to a park so we figured we should go with the kids.  The park where we went to is a hidden paradise found at the foot of Mt. Arayat and is known as Gintung Pakpak (Golden Wings) Eco Park.

At the entrance of the Eco park you will see a huge stone where you will be able to read the history of the park. This is what's engraved on the stone:

The Gintung Pakpak was conceived on the plateaus of Guimaras in 1971 when I stayed with the trappist monks in silent recluse in 1975, a 30 years hard work of clearing, planting, brushing, digging of ponds and tedious maintenance resulted into what you see now as an earthly paradise. Then in 2005, a joint venture with a long time friend Willy Martinez enabled the erection of the structures of the retreat house. Altogether, the Gintung Pakpak represent the fulfillment of the golden message spoken by no less than our Lord Jesus in his prayer, "Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven." - Lito Gomez

This is the parking space allotted for the guests since vehicles are not allowed to enter the park.

And of course, the view is amazing and very relaxing. 

My kids and their cousin enjoying their freedom from the city!

There is also an Archery Club found just outside the park.

According to the legend, due to the battle between the sun and moon, Mt. Zambales became a mountain range and Mt. Arayat's top became flat. This is the war between Apung Sinukuan known as the sun king of war and death in Arayat (Alaya) and Apung Malyari of Mt. Zambales ( Pinatubo) who represents the moon.

Mt. Arayat

The phrase "Salangi Ko Pu" is found at the gate of the ecopark usually used by Kapampangans which means please come this way or visit us here where you can find an image of a bird/rooster, gecko and the sun and moon.

Here are some of the breathtaking view inside the park. 

Man-made lake

The cute bonsai trees are just a bit bigger than the children.

One of the ponds
               The water from this pool is fresh from the mountain filtered by the old tree roots of Arayat. 

We were very entertained by this adorable parrot who can whistle and can only say hello.

These are the signage for the restrooms for Female and Male.

Beautiful for Female

Location:  Purok 6, Barangay Baliti, Arayat Pampanga.

Entrance Fee:
PHP300- with free choice of either swimming, boating, hiking or fishing
PHP150 to encounter another nature activity

Contact#: 0915 237 5915

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