Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Little Tokyo Part 2

Working in a BPO industry with different schedules, my husband and I have seldom time for each other. I work in graveyard shift and he works 5 in the morning. But no matter how busy we are we have to make sure that we have time for each other. So we had a little date again at Little Tokyo and I got to try my favorite plum wine! I really love this wine.

plum wine and flavored drink

And yes! I'm crazy over Hana's takoyaki and they got the best in town! Filled with octopus, nori, mayonaise and fish flakes, these six giant takoyaki balls are really great and would make one's tummy full in a minute. I can only eat 2-3 takoyaki balls, that's how heavy it is.

The next one that we ordered was this amazing Tuna Maki. I'm not good in eating fresh tuna but this maki nailed it! Just a little slice of tuna was wrapped in seaweed and topped with mayanoise. It's simplicity makes it one of Hana's best seller! 
Tuna Maki

Of course what's the point of eating in a Japanese restaurant without ordering a noodle soup. This wonderful soup was seasoned with meat, egg and vegetables.I love it's very light but salty taste.One serving was enough for me and hubby.

Miso Soup

plum wine, flavored beer, takoyaki, miso soup

For all those Japanese cuisine lovers, don't miss this little place in Little Tokyo. Best to go in the evening the ambiance is really cozy and cool. This place is located at 2277 Pasong Tamo, Corner Amorsolo Street, MakatiSee you there!

hubby and me @ Lil Tokyo

meh....hehe! cool place


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