Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shinjuku Restaurant

It wasn't really our plan to go to this cozy place, a Japanese restaurant found at 2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City. We went to Little Tokyo at around 3PM and since the restaurants were closed that time, we just tried this Shinjuku Ramen House since I was craving for a Shoyu Ramen.

We only ordered three dishes which cost us 745php in all:

Shoyu Ramen = 250php
Manten Ramen = 310php
Gyoza 3 pcs = 185 php

L2R: Shoyu Ramen, Gyoza, Manten Ramen

This was the Shoyu Ramen that I ordered. The dish is already good for two. I wasn't personally happy with this ramen. The shoyu ramen that was served at Jipan Restaurant, Greenbelt was even better than this.
I didn’t like the sliced pork because it is a bit tough and I had difficulty chewing it. The shoyu is weak and bland and the ramen tasted like fresh vegetable soup without the meat.

Shoyu Ramen

On the other hand, we enjoyed the Manten Ramen which consists of crabsticks, shrimp, mushrooms, cabbages and other green vegetables. The soup is savory and thick like lomi. The taste was vibrant and broad because of the variety of seafood ingredients added to it. Really recommended!

Manten Ramen

This was the best part- this four piece gyoza made my Shinjuku experience a lot better! When I tried it, the experience was wonderful and I had forgotten all the failed gyozas that I have tasted in the past! Yes, this is the best gyoza I have ever tasted so far! With the wrapper soft and thin, I enjoyed the tender and sweet meat inside. It wasn't the overcooked and dry gyoza that I expected. The sauce was perfect and it blends well with the meat and it even melted in my mouth. Delicious indeed!


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